Richard Gontrand

Brooklyn, New York

Real estate sales agent

Richard Gontrand

New York Real Estate Agent

Richard Gontrand is a real estate sales agent located in Brooklyn, New York. Richard is an effective leader with great communication skills, who is able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks while staying calm under pressure. Richard is able to explain information clearly to inspire potential clients to hire him when they are in need of a professional.

A Conversation with Richard Gontrand- Finding Inspiration and Building Career Success

The advice I would give to a young person getting started in life is to spend some time with yourself and consider what you would really like. During that time, try not to ask for advice or listen to the advice of other people because you have to make some decisions for yourself. Other people may give you some good advice, but everyone’s life is different, and you have to live with the decision that you make. Nobody else can live with that. Spend time with yourself so the answers can come to you.

Richard Gontrand Real Estate


Previously, Richard has worked at Rapid Realty as one of their Senior real estate agents where he assisted with training and worked with renters, buyers, and sellers to find properties that met their needs. He also has worked as a real estate agent with Keller Williams NYC where he was in charge of generating leads, acquiring listings, closing deals, and maintaining relationships with active and past clients.